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TBMN's Music Promotionas

TBMN is Not a Talent Agency - We charge No Commission to The Artist.

We are a Music Promotion Company who offers Their Clients referrals to some of the Best Artist in the Bay Area & offers Opportunity  via our showcases to The Artists to make new connections in the Industry.

TBMN's Music Showcase Extravaganzas

 TBMN offers their Clients, Venues & Contacts Music Showcases to review the Artist  in The Network.. 

We also  strives to offer a Professional Platform for  Artist to Showcase their Talents,  include Production, Lights, Back line Gear( in some cases) at No Cost to the Artist..  

TBMN Music Events & More

TBMN has several Music Events their known for: TBMN Annual Musicians Appreciation Party, TBMN Music Award Show & Ceremony,

 The Florida Music Expo 

( Coming 2020 ), 

TBMN Music Showcases,  Florida Music TV.com, 

( F.M.T.V.)

Florida Music Expo.com 

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